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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Simple and Cute Mother's Day Gift

Finger Print Vase and hand heart

Love Bug Frame (instructions below)
Directions for making this plate are here.

          We made the cutest Mother's Day Gifts this week.  They are jars that Mom could use as a vase or for pens and pencils on her desk.  And best of all - they were really simple too!

           First I collected 20 smallish jars and soaked off the labels. (We collect this type of stuff all year so I just had to go to the closet to get them :) I worked with one child at a time and had them dip their finger in acrylic paint and then make little finger print flowers.  I don't have a picture of this because I was busy holding the jar and wiping off fingers between each color.  It only took a couple of minutes for each child to finish the painting.

vases drying
We also made each mom a flower pen to put in the jar.
wrapping a pen with green flower tape 

Finally, we made our cards.  I saw these cute handprint hearts on Pinterest. (They were from a Bulgarian site, Krokotak ... how cool is that?!) I traced each child's handprint with the child's thumb and pointer finger touching the folded edge of a piece of paper.  I then cut the hands out and glued them on to a card.  The children wrote MOM or "I love you" in the heart formed by their fingers.  VERY cute (and I love all things handprint because I know how tiny these hands will look in such a short time).
Handprint Card

UPDATE:  This is the adorable Mother's Day Gift the 3year old class made.  They are in the middle of a ladybug unit.  The kids each made cute little ladybug costumes that they are going to wear when their families come in and they go for a walk to free the ladybugs they have been studying.   The kids each made a ladybug out of model magic and pipe cleaners.  The teacher took a picture of each child in their lady bug hat and put these cute frames together.  Mommies always love gifts that include a photo :)

Happy Mother's Day!
Love Bug Frame


Mother's Day Card with Gift Attached.  Kids make card look like Mommy (with yarn hair and face details) and then add a flower to hair that is actually tissue paper wrapped around a bead bracelet the children made for Mommy.

Yet Another Idea: Diamond Pin (actually "dime on pin")
The kindergarten class I volunteer at is making these with this poem.

I just added a new post with a new Mother's Day gift idea.

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