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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adorable Holiday Gifts for My Students

        Each year our preschool teachers make gifts that we give to all the students at our holiday program. I love the VERY simple, inexpensive light up snowman ornaments we made this year. These have been all over Pinterest but I'm not sure where they started.
        For each ornament we used a battery operated tea light (from the Dollar Store), a small piece of thick holiday scrapbook paper cut in the shape of a hat, a small pompom,  and 2 pieces of ribbon (each about 4" long).  You will also need a black permanent marker and a hot glue gun.

We tied a knot in the middle of the wider piece of ribbon (for the scarf) and made a loop with the narrow ribbon (to hang the ornament) .  We added face details with the marker (and put our school name and the date on the back of the hat) and then hot glued the ribbons and paper hat to the tea light.  When it is lit, the nose is orange! So cute!
I also made little elf ornaments for our classroom tree.  They were also very simple! After they decorated our tree, we used them as gift tags on the hand print calendars we made for our families.

I started by taking a picture of each child wearing an elf hat with their hands together above their heads (or just in a silly position if they preferred). 
I then cut the student out of the picture, laminated the picture, punched a small hole in the top and threaded a pipe cleaner with a bell on it to make a loop to hang the elf on the tree.  The kids love their silly elf ornaments (and I predict they will like them even more in future years when they look back at how cute and silly they were in pre-K).

Finally, if you'd like directions for the beautiful picture ornaments we made for the kids last year, click here.

If your looking for a really fun holiday idea for your classroom or home, check out our life-size gingerbread house.


  1. Love all of your ideas. I made the picture ornaments last year. The parents LOVED them.

  2. Oh wow!! What *fantastic* ornament ideas-- I love them all!! We actually have a random tealight I found in a drawer, so I am excited to work on this craft with my daughter over Winter Break! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing-- Happy Holidays :) :)

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. The snowman are cute little guys, and those elves are lots of fun!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Such wonderful and creative ideas. My favorites are the ornaments of the children... what an extraordinary lasting memory for someone special. Great share. :)


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