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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Please help me ...What color is best for classroom walls?

My room is being painted next week and I get to pick the color.  I'm looking for recommendations for wall colors and also advice about what colors to avoid.  Any thoughts??

The walls are currently a light green (not blue like they look in the picture).  I also want to spray paint the big ugly metal cabinets like Camille's from An Open Front Door.  Any advice on that front would also be appreciated.  Thanks!


  1. A study just came out this summer that green is supposed to inspire creativity. It did not include shades of green or how much.
    In Waldorf schools the early childhood classrooms are painted a warm pink/orange colour since that is considered to be warm and nurturing and developmentally appropriate.
    I think you are luck to be able to have anything other than off white!
    enjoy your new look

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  2. Wow! I am so flattered to be mentioned in your blog! Thanks! Okay, here is my opinion, but it doesn't count because I am so in love with just one color: LIGHT BLUE!!!!!!
    An Open Door

    1. Camille, I painted 2 of the cabinets took a lot more paint than I expected but I'm really excited about how they look. Next up the white lines :)


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