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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boo! Spooky Ghosts

 The director of my Nursery School has always done the most amazing projects with our kids. Every holiday, I still pull out decorations my children made with her (some are over 20 years old!)  Lots of her ideas are found on this blog.  This week I thought I put up some of her Halloween crafts. These ghosts are really easy but SO cute.  Each child is given a meat tray and a big piece of foil that they form into a shape.  The important thing is that the top is rounded.  They then use a second piece to make arms that stick out the side.
Its very easy to work with the foil and it doesn't have to be perfect. The arms are just one crumpled up piece that is pushed into the back of the foil body.
  They are then given a piece of cheese cloth that has been dipped in fabric stiffener.

The kids drape the cheese cloth over the foil.  It looks really good if the material sort of drags off one side.  After the fabric dries (it takes at least a day), the foil is carefully removed (usually by a teacher...just crumple the foil tighter to pull it out) and a permanent marker is used to add a face.  They are really spooky because you can see right through them.
Thanks Joanne!

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