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Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Mud Fun

One of my favorite spring activities is making and writing about mud.  This year I changed things a little bit because we have just begun a school-wide unit on farms. During our Fairy Tale Unit, we used Fairy Dust Teaching's Guided Drawing directions to draw pigs.  I took those pigs and glued them to our mud poem.  On Monday we read one of my favorite books, The Piggie in the Puddle by Charlotte Pomeranz and James Marshall. It is the very silly rhyming story about a piggie who won't get out of a mud puddle. We then made our own mud.

The kids love playing in the mud.  After they have had their fill, we brainstormed a list of words to describe the mud. We then moved those words around in our "I Like Mud" poem.
After we reread the poems many times using different words to describe the mud, the children came to me in small groups to  write their own versions of the Mud Poem.
Finally, we added real mud to our piggie drawings.
As always, I love this bulletin board which showcases the kids' guided drawings, handwriting and personalities (in both the words they chose for their version of the poem and the way they added mud to their drawings:)


  1. Your bulletin board is looking quite cute, writing, drawings, mud and all!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks Tammy, I always love a collection of their work.

  2. What fun! I always find that real experiences result in much more engaged and authentic writing and art.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  3. They are very talented! I'm jealous-I want to play in that mud too! :)


  4. I love your sign on the bulletin board that says,
    April Showers Bring...MUD!
    Connie Anderson:)

  5. There is nothing better than playing in the mud! I would like to invite you to share your post with us on our linky, Share It Saturday. We have lots of creative bloggers linking up each week and you would fit right in! I hope to see you there!
    Colleen at


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