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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

About Me

Unlike most of the teachers whose blogs I have been following, I came to teaching later in life. Many years ago, I was a lawyer at a large law firm. After my second child was born I retired and became a full time mom. I LOVED being home with my 4  children. When my youngest was at Swarthmore Friends Nursery School, I started working in his school. I also loved that. While I was at the nursery school, I went back to graduate school and got my teaching certificate and master's degree.   Six years ago I got my "dream job" teaching Kindergarten in the neighboring low-income area where I frequently volunteered.  Although there were some great things about my job (lots of hugs from kids who might not be getting them otherwise), it was also incredibly demanding  and draining (the children were up against SO much).   Two summers ago, I, along with 40% of the district's teachers, was laid off (I know...those poor kids).

I was very lucky to be able to return to teaching  Pre-K at Swarthmore Friends Nursery School, a  private 1/2 day Quaker nursery school where I had previously worked. It has been great to be back!  While I am still volunteering 2 afternoons a week in the school district I was working in, I am really enjoying working part time and without all of the craziness that was swirling around our school and in the children's lives. I am also so happy to be at a school that recognizes that play is the way young children learn (I was reprimanded one year for letting my kindergarteners have recess !?!).

It was only a moment ago that all four of my children attended the nursery school where I am teaching.  My daughter is now in her second year of medical school. My two oldest sons are in college and the third is finishing his senior year in high school (probably not the time to be getting a nursery school teacher's salary :).

 I started this blog because I have have found so many great ideas on other blogs and want to share at least a little of what I have been doing in my classroom. I also like the idea of documenting what I am doing for myself (my menopausal memory is not the best :)


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  2. Lets try that again. I just found your blog from Dr. Jean's site. Thanks for all you've shared.
    I also went into teaching later in life.

  3. Yay! Welcome back to preschool! Isn't it the best!?

  4. I got my first degree in my early 20s, stayed home and had kids, then went back and did my Education degree and started teaching at 32. So even though I'm getting close to retirement age ... I don't feel like I've had my fill of teaching -- it's SO much fun.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

    1. Barbara, I am in awe of your Ruby Slippers Blog Designs. It turns out that two of my all time favorite blog designs were done by you! I will stop back when you reopen because I think we might do a blog for my school (rather than a website).

  5. I just found your blog through Sandi at Rubber Boots! I love it and your journey. I am adding you to my blog roll.


  6. Mrs. Lyn I am soglad to have found your blog. Your a true inspiration to us all. I own and operat a small preschool out of my home. I could not work in the system anymore because i couldn't stand the cookie cutter teaching they wanted me to do. You can't do this or that and that was enough for me. So here I am. iam alittle confused though it states you teach preschoolers but your blog address states kinder. I'm so glad I kept trying to find you and did. I have used so much of your ideas. I just have to say Thank You and God Bless.

  7. Sorry for all the typos. My keyboard acts up occasionally.


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