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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Best April Fools Day Joke

             Last year I told my kindergarteners that I had brought brownies for them.  In fact, I reminded them about the special snack several times during the day.  At snack time, I brought out the brownies... I mean "brown E's."  The kids faces were priceless.  For the kids, the real fun began when we took the "brownies" around the school to the principal and other teachers.  The children took turns holding the brownie pan, and asking if the teacher (principal, secretaries, janitor, lunch ladies... :) "would like one of the brownies Mrs. Goff made."  They then all said "April Fools" as one or two of them produced a "brown E" from behind their backs. They LOVED being the prankster and at the end of the year the class listed our April Fool's trick as one of their favorite memories.
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  1. Thanks for the cute idea. My Kindergartener loved pulling this prank on his grandparents today. I found you through Pinterest. I have been blogging about all my pin projects and shared your link on my page. This was my 196th pin to complete. You can see the post here:

    1. Hi Lizzie. Thanks for letting me know how your prank went. I have been having lots of fun looking around your blog.

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