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Monday, March 18, 2013

Fairy Tale Castles

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom....
I LOVE the castles we made last week during our fairy tale unit.  Our castles were inspired by the ones done by Patty from Deep Space Sparkle. I began by having the children draw a castle using cray-pas.  The drawings were directed using directions similar to those found Fairy Dust Teaching.    I then encouraged the children to add lots of patterns with the cray-pas.  When they were done with the details, they used liquid watercolors to paint the castles.  They loved the way their patterns showed through the watercolors.
I then cut out the castles and created a giant kingdom.  We used finger prints (dipped into slightly mixed black and white paint) to make our cobblestone path. I always love collections of the children's art and this bright bulletin board really showcases their personalities:)


  1. I think these are fantastic. Real art is so empowering for kids.


  2. Wow! Your students did a wonderful job of the castles. Hard to believe they are pre-K!


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