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Friday, March 8, 2013

I LOVE Blocks

My very favorite preschool toy is wooden blocks.  As I described here, I usually rotate the toys in my classroom every month.  There are only 2 things that never leave my classroom...basic art supplies (paper, scissors, markers, crayons and glue) and our wooden blocks.  I love the way wooden blocks bring the kids in my class together.  This week the kids worked together to create this amazing castle.

Look at the cool details:)
The kids were so delighted that their building eventually used every block we have.  I was thrilled by how respectful they were of each other's contributions and how patient they were if parts accidentally were knocked down.

The next day, the blocks were used to make a long road that wound around our room.
The best part about this road is we didn't have cars in the room this month so they were  originally using imaginary cars.
The kids were so excited when I went and got the cars.
What toy is essential in your classroom?



  1. This year we are into loose parts - rocks, shells, tree cookies, buttons. They are changed into so many different "toys", I don't think we would be very happy without them.

    1. I like loose parts too. How do you store them? Do the kids sort everything at clean up time?

  2. I love blocks too. When I graduated from college a million years ago (1990), I was sent to a symposium on Blocks. The entire day was about blocks. It was amazing. I learned so much.

    First in Maine

    1. A symposium on blocks sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting. Lyn

  3. This year, my room essentials are blocks/legos and play-doh!
    My preschoolers can't get enough of it!!

    Teaching Munchkins

    1. My kiddos also love legos and play-doh and stuffed animals and cars and trains and... :)


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