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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kindergarten Math Words

             This was a bulletin board I did last January in Kindergarten.  It is titled "Math Words." Unfortunately the picture isn't better.  Included are the following words:

shapes (including  play food with labels like cube, cylinder, etc)
hundred chart
whole, half, quarter
fewer, more (I put connecting cubes in see through bags)
left, right
number line
top, middle, bottom
tally marks
ten frame
venn diagram
bar graph (have you ever built a snowman)

             I did this bulletin board before we did addition and subtraction but they would be easy to add; maybe with Kindergarten Crayon's Blooming Addition and Heidi Butkus' Loose Teeth Subtraction.  This would be a great end of year review of all the math concepts that had been learned.

This is Zero the Hero and Zero Lyn the Heroine on the 100th day of school.  My kiddos LOVED Zero the Hero! I really missed Zero the Hero and think my Pre-k'ers this year would have loved and "got" him ... i just don't want to be toooo pushy.


  1. Lyn, you always have such wonderful ideas to share!!
    I LOVE the Math Words board. I especially like how you used visuals for each concept. I am definitely going to do this in my room next year. LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks for sharing these ideas Lyn. I love it! Kids will surely love and have fun with these.

  3. Lyn, I happened to come across your blog and am a huge fan! I feel like a kid in the candy store with all these fabulous, creative ideas! I think I may have pinned your entire blog!! ; ) I don't have a blog of my own, but maybe you might consider taking a peek at my Pinterest Boards? ( Thank you for the inspiration!
    I wish I could sign up to receive updates from your blog daily, but I didn't see that option to add my e-mail.
    Carla M.


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