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Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Art Show Was Today!

         My kiddo's were so excited to finally share all the art we have been doing with their families at our art show.  Here is a quick tour of the exhibits:
Our Portrait Studies with a line self-portrait of the whole body, a painted self-portrait  and a portrait poem (in the hallway outside our classroom).

Our Still-Lifes that were inspired by Van Gogh.  The Sunflowers we painted are on the table we used for our fruit and cheese (no wine but I am enjoying a well-earned glass now :)

Each child made a square of this quilt with paper we had painted with liquid watercolor s and salt.  The patterns are to the right so that parents could figure out which one their child did by the pattern and color they chose.

Our Calder Stabile Sculptures (coming out of grass) and wire mobiles hanging from the ceiling.

Our Kandinsky inspired circles (still my favorite!) and our Purple Crayon inspired line drawings.

We listened to music and then drew what the music made us think of.  

A collaborative mosaic made out of plastic bottle caps we collected.

We illustrated Pattern, Shape, and Color (elements of art) on our windows. I put out big sheets of contact paper and the kids covered them with appropriate examples (patterned paper, fun foam shapes and tissue paper colors).

Our Mouse Paint inspired palettes that show primary and secondary colors.

Our Jackson Pollack inspired splatter paintings (in the hallway leading to our classroom).

Our Monet inspired landscapes that we painted en plein air like Monet and our collaborative rolled paper collage.

Our families enjoying the show.

Whew, I'm tired.  Just one more week to get all the end of the year stuff I want to do finished!


  1. What a great way to showcase all the work your kids have done as they learned about famous artists! I bet your students were so proud to show off their work at the Art Show!!
    welcome to first grade room 5

    1. Thanks Connie! They sure do like to share what we are doing with their families:)

  2. I love it! Have you posted about all these projects?
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks Tammy! I haven't posted about all of them yet. I have to figure out how to do that "You might also like these posts" thing to show related posts.

  3. What a great show! It was a real pleasure to see all of the displays. Your kids must have loved all the hands on art. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hi! I found your blog through a pinned image of the bottle cap circle. I'm an art teacher working on my Master's in Art Education. The class I'm taking this semester is made up of graduate and undergraduate students and covers art methods for young children. I'm going to pass along this post to my classmates because it is a wonderful example of real art being used in the general education classroom! Thanks for sharing!


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