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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger Pet Peeves Linky Party

       I just found a great post at Mrs. Stanford's Class.  She posted about her blogger pet peeves including the word verifiers that you need to get through before you can post a comment on a blog.  I had no idea that my blog had a word verifier (I know I'm still pretty naive about this whole blogging thing).   What the Teacher Wants has a simple tutorial about how to get rid of the word verifier (go to settings, then comments, and then check no on "show word verification").
Mrs. Stanford is now having a Linky Party about blogger pet peeves.

       I agree with everyone who linked up, word verifiers are my biggest pet peeve.  Another pet peeve that I have is that some blogs have become nothing but advertisements for the author's Teachers Pay Teachers products.  I certainly have nothing against TpT. In fact I have been really happy with the things I have bought and understand that a blog is a great marketing tool.  That being said, there are blogs that I loved in the past because of all the great ideas that were shared that are now absolutely devoid of anything other than "advertisements" for their TpT products. I now tend to skip those blogs and go to the many that regularly share great ideas ... not just "freebies" but also descriptions of what is working in their classrooms.


  1. Yay - I took the word verifier away when it start posting those numbers that you can't read . . . and haven't had any problems so . . . voila! Done!!

    Summertime smiles,

    The Corner On Character

  2. I totally agree with your second paragraph. It kind of drives me loony in fact. Thanks for verbalizing my thoughts for me. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks fro commenting Tammy. I was a little worried I might be alone on that pet peeve :)

  3. LYN!!!!! I just noticed some traffic to my blog from YOU!!! Just wanted to thank you for having my blog (AND PREK+K Sharing, too!!) in your blogroll. I LUV to see how people find me -- this morning its as a result of your kindness.

    Debbie Clement

    1. Hi Debbie...I can't believe you wrote on my blog! I'm truly honored :) I've been meaning to write to you because I love your blog and your pins on pinterest. I can pretty much say that if you pin it, it will be something I think is really cool. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and your infectious enthusiasm!

  4. Hi, I found you on the Facebook Party! I'm your newest follower and I share lots of great ideas on my blog (not just TpT advertisements :)


  5. Just found your blog through the linky part and am your newest follwer! I completely agree about TpT blogs!! :(

    P.S. I would love you to join my new linky party about music in the classroom.
    Turn the Music Up Linky Party at Teaching Maddeness

  6. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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