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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thank You Candy Bars

       Last year my kindergarteners delivered candy bars to all the people who had helped us during the year (specials teachers, principal, secretaries, other teachers, volunteers, lunch ladies, etc.).  I made these candy wrappers with a free template I found online.  I printed them and then simply wrapped them around candy bars that I had bought at Trader Joe's (the ones that are sold in a pack of 3 near the cash registers).  I didn't use Hershey Bars because the wrappers they come in now aren't wrapped around the candy.

       We gave each person a candy bar and a Thank You note and sang:
 We are thankful
 We are thankful
 For your help
 For your help
We are very thankful
We are very thankful
For your help.

(to the tune Frere Jacques)

         The kids really enjoyed saying thank you and candy bars were inexpensive and easy to do.
          I tried to upload the wrapper to google docs but the document was too big.  I uploaded the wrapper without the picture so you can add your own picture and change the text.  It might be easier to just look online for a free template.

          Since I was in candy wrapper mode, I wrapped several bags of Hershey's miniatures as favors for my son's graduation party (that he had with his best friend).  Also very simple and cute.

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  1. The candy bar wrappers are so darn cute!!! Love this idea!!

    welcome to first grade room 5


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