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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Father's Day Super Daddy

            I had wanted my class to make the adorable Super Dad cards that Heidi Butkus showed on her blog Heidi Songs  but we ran out of time.  Today I went in to help with lunch bunch and we made the cards.  I think they are sooooo cute.  I ended up quickly cutting the paper as the children were working on them (I just worked with 2-3 kids at a time).  I started by giving the kids a square that was approximately 2"x2". They cut off the corners to make a circle and then glued the head towards the top of the paper (I put an x on the paper where the head belonged as Heidi suggested).  I then gave them the yellow cape to glue right below the head.  I then asked them to look at my sample and tell me what they needed next.  They loved putting the picture together.

        After they finished gluing, the kids used makers to add an SD to the chest and facial features and hair. Most glued the picture on a card and wrote a note inside.
They are SO cute:
        Did you notice that one of the Daddies is not a Super Daddy.  There was one little 4 year old who, when I explained the project to him, laughed and then shook his head incredulously and said, "My Dad is not  superman!" He truly couldn't imagine that I believed his dad would wear a cape.  No matter how we tried to explain that his Daddy was "like a super hero" because he took care of him or that "Super Daddy" just means that his Daddy is super and that Daddy would think it was funny that he was dressed up like a super hero, we could not convince him to glue the cape to the paper. Eventually, I ended up following his directions and cutting out clothes that his Daddy wears (blue shirt, brown pants and brown shoes). I can't wait to have this literal little one in my class next year :)


  1. That is so cute!! I love the puzzle superhero card idea! I bet they had a lot of fun. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Those are awfully cute.


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