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Monday, April 30, 2012

Harold's Purple Crayon

 As a part of our art unit, we talked about line as an element of art. To introduce line,  I read the classic book, Harold's Purple Crayon.  I love the idea that Harold can go anywhere that his imagination (and purple crayon) take him.  After reading the story I gave each child a purple crayon and asked them what they would draw if they had a magic purple crayon that would take them to whatever they drew.  I loved seeing their pictures of the beach, a field of flowers, outer space, a Phillies game and home to Mommy.

If I was still teaching kindergarten I would have had them fill in, with kid writing, the following sentence: "My purple crayon took me to_______________."  Since we are just beginning kid writing, I wrote the sentence.

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  1. I collect activities to go with books I have in my classroom. This is such a cute activity! I'm going to add this idea to my file!


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