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Saturday, April 28, 2012


            I was volunteering in a kindergarten class last week and a child I was helping was having trouble writing his numbers.  I found myself saying, "remember, curve around and slide to the right."  He didn't remember because he didn't know Dr. Jean's number song ?!?! I was so surprised because I can't imagine teaching without her.  Without question, she is the person who has most influenced my teaching.  Each and every day we sing at least 2 of her songs.  When my students get to pick a song, they always choose Tooty-ta.  I teach reading by routinely referring to what "good readers do."  When I taught in Chester, the students choreographed the greatest dance to "The Tools of Good Readers." (I don't mean to sound racist, but the kids in my class this year just are not the dancers that I have had the last few years:)
            In addition to music, there are so many other ideas that I routinely use that came from Dr. Jean.  My children (in both Chester and Swarthmore)  love Oreo Words.  I learned about them (and "kiss your brain," and letter vests, and pinching e, and sight word cheers, and....the list goes on and on) at a Dr. Jean conference I attended in South Carolina. (My daughter was in college down about a perfect weekend - Kiera and Dr. Jean!)
         I know that most people who read blogs know about Dr. Jean... I guess I just wanted to send her an open love letter to thank her for all she does for teachers.   Dr. Jean, you're the best!!
Kids playing with Oreo Words during Free Play!


  1. I love her too, Lyn. My kids are going to be singing one of her songs for our Mother's Day program called A Box for Mommy. It's really sweet. I was lucky enough to attend an all-day workshop with her a couple of years ago. She was great!! I even got a picture with her. I'm a huge fan of her blog, too.

    1. Connie, We would so be friends if we lived near each other! I think we should do a joint 100 follower giveaway when we each get close to 50 followers. I have at least $25 worth of Starbucks gift cards that we could use.

  2. I just introduced my student teacher to Dr. Jean songs! My kids love them of course!

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