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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The rug where we meet each morning for circle time.

I love the letters that I made to run across the front of the area where we have circle time each day.  I made large die cut letters and then added something that began with each letter.  I  glued the letters to a piece of folded bulletin board paper.  They have held up really well.

 What I used: A-animal stickers, B- Band-Aids, C- candy stickers, D-Dots, E- Easter Eggs , F- feathers, G- glitter, H- hearts, I - inch worm, J-jewels, K-kites, L- letter stickers, M -money, N -newspaper, O- oranges, P- pom poms, Q- quilt, R- ribbon, S - squares, T -triangles, U- umbrella, V - velcro, W- wood,  X-x-ray bones, Y- yarn, Z- zipper.

I like that they are a little 3 dimensional.  The kids each did the first letter of their name during the first week of school to hang on a Chicka Chicka Boom tree outside our classroom.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! So so glad to have found your blog. You have amazing ideas and I look forward to stalking your blog some more :) I am going to do the letters next year! Love that!


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